Invent, Invest, Innovate

Bootup provides a forum for engineers and developers to critique and analyze start-ups and business professionals, creating the technical pitch for entrepreneurs.

  • Bootup is for and by developers, engineers and scientists - we welcome all technologies and skillsets.
  • Bootup expects CTO-level technical presentations.
  • Bootup is a way for the technical community to assess business' ideas and connect themselves as a leading part of the business community.
  • Bootup is a way for entrepreneurs to connect with technology, their peers and other professionals, creating unexpected opportunities and relationships.
  • Bootup isn't just for web technology. We've recognized the lack of community for technology living outside the web ecosystem, and greatly encourage participation from the environmental, automotive, biotech, architectural, and industrial sectors, and more.

All are invited for networking with IT and other professionals. Learn more about our events, and the entrepreneurs and audience in attendance.